About us

The Carceral Geography Working Group (CGWG) of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) brings together geographers and others interested in the spaces, practices and experiences of incarceration and confinement. Read more about how carceral geography has been defined.

The Carceral Geography Working Group is run by the Committee, who are supported by the Advisory Board.

Our aims

The aims of the CGWG are:

  • To advance a broad view of carceral geography, defined as geographical engagement with the spaces, practices and experiences of confinement (e.g. imprisonment, migrant detention and other forms of custody) and coercive control (e.g. disability settings, aged care, orphanages)
  • To bring together and provide a forum for geographers working in this field, to provide the level of focus this work justifies and to foster greater communication, networking and sense of community among scholars, particularly drawing on the wealth of early career scholars who are shaping this fast-moving field
  • To foster dialogue and collaboration between academics on an international scale, with a particular focus on engaging researchers from underrepresented areas of the world
  • To offer a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue, and to promote a focus upon research that engages with the public and/or policy, promotes justice and that has practical impact in carceral environments
  • To support researchers in the development of appropriate methodologies, personal practices, pedagogy, and modes of research dissemination, influence and academic engagement within and beyond the academic community of geographers

Code of conduct

As a working group of the RGS-IBG, the CGWG follows the RGS-IBG code of conduct, which sets out the principles of behaviour that govern all Fellows and members, volunteers, staff, and anyone who participates in any Society event or activity. We request that all CGWG members and any attendees at our events abide by the principles set out in this code.

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