Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the Committee in running the Carceral Geography Working Group, and expanding our network and activities.

Our Advisory Board members are:

Ella Bytheway-Jackson

Ella Bytheway-Jackson is a PhD student at the University of Liverpool. She researches the carceral traits and dynamics of care and control in Poor Law children’s homes and workhouses in Birkenhead at the turn of the twentieth century. Ella co-organises our Early Career Perspectives seminar series.

James Gacek

James Gacek is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Justice Studies at the University of Regina. He holds his PhD in Criminology from Edinburgh Law School at the University of Edinburgh. Drawing upon criminology and carceral geography, his PhD project focused upon the regulation of inmates through law, state surveillance and community corrections in the UK. Under the supervision of Professor Rose Ricciardelli, he completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Sociology at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

He continues to extensively publish in reviews, journals and international fora, particularly in areas of (1) corrections and community justice; (2) green criminology; and (3) the broader socio-politics of judicial reasoning. With Professor Richard Jochelson, he has recently co-authored Criminal Law and Precrime: Legal Studies in Canadian Punishment and Surveillance in Anticipation of Criminal Guilt (2018, Routledge) and co-edited Sexual Regulation and the Law: A Canadian Perspective (2019, Demeter Press). He is currently the co-editor of the Manitoba Law Journal (RobsonCrim Edition) and continues to peer review submissions for Critical Criminology, Punishment & Society, and The European Journal of Criminology, among others.

As an Advisory Board Member, James co-organises events for early career researchers.

Eleanor March

Eleanor March is Research Fellow in Interdisciplinary Prison Research, University of Birmingham. She researches cultural representations of the carceral, focusing on prisoner writing, literary and media representations of prisons, and prison history. Her research has an interdisciplinary focus, working across literature, carceral geography, criminology and history.

As an Advisory Board Member, Eleanor co-organises our Early Career Perspectives seminar series and supports the communications and website activity for the group. As of February 2022, she joined the CGWG Committee as Acting Communications Lead.

Christophe Mincke

Christophe Mincke is Director of the criminology department at the (Belgian) National Institute for Forensic Sciences and Criminology (NICC), Professor at Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis, Bruxelles, Belgium. He has developed the concept of “mobilitarian ideal” to analyse the contemporary relation to mobility of Western societies. Through four imperatives (activity, activation, participation, adaptation), social actors are demanded to constantly move in a decompartmentalised space. He tracks traces of this ideology in the field of imprisonment justification, using empirical material from parliamentary documents pertaining to the new Belgian penitentiary law to show how imprisonment is conceived, nowadays, as a mobility challenge.

In his Advisory Board role, Christophe will be contributing to conference organising and co-organises the Explorations in Carceral Geography seminar series with Anna Schliehe and Olivier Milhaud.

Hannah Stevens

Hannah Stevens is an independent scholar. She co-organises our Early Career Perspectives seminar series and supports CGWG with social media outreach, event planning, and building relationships with non-academic audiences.