Call for Committee Members for the Carceral Geography Working Group

Ordinary Members are warmly invited to join the Carceral Geography Working Group committee!

It is intended that at the first AGM of the Carceral Geography Working Group of the RGS-IBG, one or more Ordinary Members, who will become members of the CGWG committee, will be elected.

Ordinary Members will be welcome to assist in CGWG business, and particularly the organisation of events and networking opportunities. They may in future wish to stand for other roles such as CGWG Chair, Treasurer or Secretary.

Candidates will need to be proposed and seconded by members of the CGWG. Candidates must be members of the CGWG but do not necessarily need to be paid members of the RGS-IBG. (See for information about how to join).

The AGM will be held at the 2nd International Conference for Carceral Geography, 11-12 Dec 2017 at the University of Birmingham. The AGM itself will be on 12 Dec. Candidates, proposers and seconders do not need to be in attendance at the conference, or at the AGM, but must have submitted their nominations to the Chair, in writing (email is acceptable), by the commencement of the AGM at 9am GMT on 12 Dec. Nominations must include the names of the nominee, proposer and seconder.

Candidates who seek proposers or seconders are invited to use the mail list, to which all CGWG members are subscribed. Alternatively, since the AGM will take place on the second day of the conference, it may be possible for conference attendees to make arrangements during the first day.