Carceral Crossings

Carceral Crossings provides a forum for researchers to explore the interactions between carceral geography and their own research and/or life experiences. The format is informal, comprising blog-style pieces of up to 750 words, excluding references. We are particularly keen to publish writing by Early Career Researchers (undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral).

Possible topics for Carceral Crossings articles include:

  • Discussion of carceral geography scholarship that has been formative for the author’s own research
  • Analysis of manifestations of carcerality in the news or in everyday life
  • Reflections on carceral geography research and methods
  • Discussion of learning and/or teaching carceral geography

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Please note, the views and opinions expressed in Carceral Crossings articles are those of the individual authors and do not represent the CGWG.

Carceral control through a university student lens at homecoming

Emma Dann, an undergraduate student at the institute of Queen’s University, Canada, reflects on her experiences of carceral immobilisation during Homecoming celebrations at her university in October 2021. Read more

The power of carceral mobilities

Victoria Pereyra Iraola, a doctoral researcher at the University of Warwick, reflects on Turner and Peters’ edited collection ‘Carceral Mobilities’ and introduces her own research on incarceration in Argentina. Read more

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