Membership of the Carceral Geography Working Group of the RGS-IBG is open both to existing (and prospective) Members/Fellows of the RGS-IBG, and to non-RGS/IBG Fellows/Members.

The RGS’ Research Committee was able to approve formation of the CGWG because more than 20 paid members of the RGS-IBG were in support. Continued existence of the CGWG will depend on maintaining this level of support, and membership will be reviewed regularly.

While there is therefore no need to join the RGS-IBG to join the CGWG, in terms of supporting its standing as an RGS-IBG Working Group, this would be very helpful. Please do consider it if you can, and if appropriate.

The RGS-IBG Research Groups privacy notice covers what you need to know about how we collect, use and look after your personal data if you decide to become a member of the Carceral Geography Working Group or one of the other RGS-IBG Research Groups. More detailed information can also be found in the RGS-IBG’s main privacy policy.

To join:

  • Existing RGS-IBG Fellows/Members – please complete the RGS Research Groups  Membership Form, ticking the box for the Carceral Geography Working Group, and return by email to  (or just email this address with your request to join). You will need your RGS-IBG membership number, but this can be supplied to you if necessary.
  • Existing members of the American Association of Geographers, or the Canadian Association of Geographers – there are discounted reciprocal membership arrangements for the RGS-IBG – please contact for details.
  • Non-RGS-IBG members who are geographers – please consider joining the RGS to support its activities and those of the CGWG. This can be done on their membership page It’s critical for the success of the CGWG that it maintains a minimum number of members paying the RGS-IBG subscription, so please do consider supporting the RGS-IBG and CGWG in this way.
  • Non-RGS-IBG members who are not geographers – you are of course very welcome to join the RGS-IBG and by extension the CGWG! (Follow the instructions above.) However, you can also join the CGWG from outside the RGS-IBG – please just complete the form below, or email