Conference Exhibition: Visual encounters: colonial carceral geographies – Annie Pfingst

Conference Exhibition

Continuing the tradition started in 2016 with the exhibition of Lexi Strauss’s work at the inaugural International Conference for Carceral Geography, we are delighted that Annie Pfingst is presenting her work in an exhibition this year.

Visual encounters: colonial carceral geographies brings photographs of remnants, of architectures and technologies of oppression, control and containment, of emergency landscapes and geographies of resistance encountered across the militarised carceral geographies of colonial Kenya and the multiple geographies of Palestine. Photographs exhibited are extracted from On Palestine 2007-16, Petition 2016/17 and Remnants, Landscapes and Archives 2013-15.

Dr Annie Pfingst encompasses the visual as part of an interdisciplinary archival, spatial and discursive practice investigating the materiality and spatiality of colonial states of Emergency. She has exhibited/presented this work in a variety of forms at P21 Gallery London, Exeter Phoenix and University of Exeter, and Goldsmiths, University of London; at the BIEA and National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi and Karatina University, Kenya; and at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Annie’s work will be on display in the Learning Centre throughout the conference.