Call for book reviews

The Carceral Geography Working Group is making a call for book reviews.

We are currently seeking reviewers for the following titles:

  • Herrity, K, Schmidt, B and Warr, J (2021) Sensory penalties, Emerald Publishers.
  • Turner, J and Knight, V (2020) The Prison Cell: Embodied and Everyday Spaces of Incarceration, Palgrave.
  • Froden, M (2021) A Circular Argument: A Creative Exploration of Power and Space, Emerald Publishers.
  • Schliehe, A (2021) Young Women’s Carceral Geographies: Abandonment, Trouble and Mobility, Emerald Publishers.
  • Morelle, M (2019) Yaounde Carcerale – Geographie d’une ville et de sa prison, Lyon.
  • Gacek, J (2022) Portable Prisons: Electronic Monitoring and the Creation of Carceral Territory, McGill – Queens University Press.
  • Pieris, A and Horiuchi, L (2021) The Architecture of Confinement: Incarceration Camps of the Pacific War, Cambridge University Press.

Reviews should be approximately 1000 words in length and delivered within 2 months of receipt of the book. They should specifically consider the work in relation to carceral geography and geographical conceptualisations of confinement.

Reviews will be published on the book review page of our website.

Contact us

If you would be interested in reviewing any of the titles listed above, or would like to suggest a further title for review, please contact us. We welcome reviews of books in languages other than English, and also invite suggestions of colleagues who may be able to assist.