Call for events and activities organisers

The Carceral Geography Working Group (CGWG) of the RGS-IBG invites Expressions of Interest from potential organisers for mid-term activities in 2021-2022.

Following the success of the 4th International Conference for Carceral Geography, delegates expressed willingness to both organise and engage with events outside of the traditional conference format. The global pandemic has witnessed the emergence of virtual networking activities and there is certainly scope to develop networking activities along these lines. In addition, since the International Conference will retain its now biennial format, there is now scope in the research calendar for other events that will be of interest to members of our networks. Suggested formats included one-day workshops related to a particular method and/or theme; dedicated networking events; publishing advice and guidance sessions; one-off seminars or a series of short linked events. The possibilities are more numerous than listed here and we look forward to supporting as many of these activities as we can!

Accordingly, the committee invite Expressions of Interest to host one of these such events. Hosts may determine their own event theme(s) and format. Although we would anticipate the primary organisational activities being undertaken by the event organisers, these organisers can expect to be supported by the CGWG committee or members of the CGWG Advisory Board, e.g. in the form of developing ideas, making formal invitations, hosting material on the carceral geography website, chairing sessions, etc, if required.

Expressions of Interest should be sent to Jennifer Turner, Chair of the CGWG, at by 30 April 2021. The committee will then liaise with organisers on a case-by-case basis to develop an event programme. If numerous proposals are received that result in conflicting activities/schedules, the committee may suggest collaboration between individual proposals to combine events.

More details and a proposal template can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer via the means above to ask questions or discuss initial ideas.