CFP – ‘Criminological Encounters’ – a new online journal – for papers bringing together geography and criminology

crim encountersCarceral geographers and others concerned with the spatiality of carceral formations may be interested to contribute to a second issue of Criminological Encounters, a new international, interdisciplinary, double blind peer-reviewed, digital, and open-access journal in the field of criminology, edited out of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium, which aims to facilitate critical dialogues between criminology, and other disciplines.

The fundamental idea behind this journal is that of “encountering”. An “encounter” evokes the idea of solidary gatherings, moments to get together and build common projects as well as moments of confrontation. Such encounters include:

  • Dialogues between criminology and other disciplines;
  • Dialogues between criminology scholars and practitioners;

Encounters between research methods, theories or between different schools of thought: e.g. qualitative/quantitative approaches; critical/positivistic criminology; American/European criminology; criminology from the “Global South” and from the “Global North”.

The journal can be accessed here.

The inaugural issue of the journal is online, with papers on “Hobocops”: Undercover Policing’s Deceptive Encounters by J. Monaghan and K. Walby; Whose Knowledges? Moving Beyond Damage-Centred Research in Studies of Women in Street-Based Sex Work by C. Shdaimah and C.S. Leon; Understanding Fear and Unease in Open Domains: Toward a Typology for Deviant Behaviour in Public Space by S.F. Meyer; Access Denied: Studying Up in the Criminological Encounter by J.C. Oleson; Stabbing to Get to Prison: Biography as an Encounter with the Criminal Mind by F. van Gemert; a Book Review: Kerman, P. (2010). Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. New York: Spiegel & Grau by A. Nuytiens and A. Vanhouche; and an Interview: The Encounters of… Sonja Snacken. Back and Forth: From Activism to (Social) Science, From Law to Criminology interviewed by S. De Ridder

Authors are invited to submit articles, and submissions received before December 15th 2018 will be considered for the second issue of the journal.