New book from Karen Morin – ‘Carceral Space, Prisoners and Animals’

Carceral Space, Prisoners and Animals (Hardback) book coverKaren Morin has published a thought-provoking new book – Carceral Space, Prisoners and Animals. In this book. she explores resonances across human and nonhuman carceral geographies, proposing an analysis of the carceral from a broader vantage point than has yet been done, and developing a ‘trans-species carceral geography’ that includes spaces of nonhuman captivity, confinement and enclosure alongside that of the human. The linkages across prisoner and animal carcerality that are placed into conversation draw from a number of institutional domains, based on their form, operation and effect.

This book is the latest product of Karen’s thinking on this topic – she published earlier ideas in a paper in Antipode entitled Carceral Space: Prisoners and Animals“, accompanied by a superb video abstract. She was the driving force behind theĀ Conceptualising a Trans-Species Carceral Geography session at the Nordic Geographers conference in Stockholm in 2017. But with this new book she has now firmly established trans-species carceral geography, drawing attention to forms of violence that span species boundaries.

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