Low Level Sanction British Society of Criminology / Liverpool Hope University Conference

For any UK carceral geographers not attending the AAG2017 next week, this conference looks like a great opportunity:

Liverpool Hope University is hosting a British Society of Criminology one day conference on Low level sanctions on Wednesday 5th April, at Hope Park Campus.

Speakers include: Prof. George Mair, (Liverpool Hope), Prof. Martin Wasik (Keele), Prof. Sir Anthony Bottoms (Cambridge), Dr Adam Snow (Liverpool Hope), Dr Natalia Vibla (Liverpool Hope), Dr Sara Grace (Salford University) and Dr John Bache (Magistrates Association).

This conference is a joint venture between the British Society of Criminology and the Social Sciences Department at Liverpool Hope University. The aim of this conference is to interrogate how low level sentences (those imposed by the courts) and penalties (out of court disposals, including cautions and community resolutions, imposed by a range of enforcement agencies) are used to deal with criminality in a proportionate manner. It will examine the extent, meaning, messages and purposes of the low level sentence, and penalty, by drawing on nascent research and practitioner knowledge to provide a holistic understanding of the impact of low level sentences on criminal justice policy.

This conference will bring together academics, post graduates and practitioners in the field of sentencing and community justice. It aims to provide insight into the applicability of sentencing theory to low level offences and ask critical questions about the purposes, experiences and trends of low level sentences and penalties.

This is a FREE event. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Dr Adam Snow (snowa@hope.ac.uk) for catering purposes and evening wine reception.