Carceral Geography sessions at the RGS-IBG conference 2012

There will be two sessions under the heading of  “Everyday geographies of the punitive State ” at the Royal Geographical Society – Institute of British Geographers conference in Edinburgh, UK in July 2012

Everyday geographies of the punitive State 1: Carceral Geography

  • Dominique Moran: Carceral Geography: themes and directions
  • James Humberto Zomighani Jr: Geographic Connections and Socio-spatial Segregation in São Paulo State, Brazil
  • Agatha Herman: Is Empowerment Possible within Prison? Exploring the role of the discourse of empowerment in sustainable reintegration strategies
  • Uma Kothari: Mobility, confinement and the politics of exile: Contesting colonial rule in the Indian Ocean

Everyday geographies of the punitive State 2: Securitization

  • Jon Coaffee: Unpacking the carceral city: enhancing the resilience and securitisation of public places
  • Chin-Ee Ong, Claudio Minca and James Sidaway: The Empire and its Hotel: The Changing Biopolitics of Hotel Lloyd, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Joaquín Villanueva: “Urban Violence,” Everyday Life and the Shifting Presence  of the Penal State
  • Craig Johnstone: Securing public space from the ‘threat’ of young people: Controlling everyday behaviour in the UK